Courses Offered: Spring 2017

[Please note that the syllabi for Spring 2017 courses are not up-to-date at the moment. 11.01.2017]

ATA 507 Historiography / Seda Altuğ

ATA 547 Women and Gender in Modern Turkey / Duygu Köksal

ATA 575 Guided Research in World History II / Şevket Pamuk

ATA 579 Graduate Seminar / Z. Umut Türem

ATA 585 Two Generations, Two Social Movements: 68 & Gezi / M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu

ATA 590 Social Welfare and Politics in Turkish History / Nadir Özbek

ATA 655 Politics and Society in Eastern Europe / Aydın Babuna

ATA 678 Guided Research in Ph.D / Zafer Toprak

ATA 681 Advanced Readings in Social History of the 19th Century Ottoman Empire / Cengiz Kırlı

ATA 685 Anthropology of Turkey / Berna Yazıcı

ATA 68C The State: From National Developmentalism to Global Neoliberalism / Z. Umut Türem