Z. Umut Türem,
Assistant Professor

The Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Bogaziçi University
34342 Bebek-Istanbul / Turkey

phone:  +90-212-359 48 75
fax:       +90-212-265 80 03 (Atatürk Institute)


“A Clock Setting Institute for the Market Age: The Politics of Importing “Competition” to Turkey” differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, Vol. 22, No. 1 (2011)

“Accounting for Accountability in Neoliberal Regulatory Regimes,” co-authored with Christine B. Harrington, in Public Accountability, Designs, Dilemmas and Experiences, ed. Michael Dowdle, Cambridge University Press (2006)

“Entrepreneurs, Democracy and Citizenship in Turkey”, co-authored with Ziya Öniş, Comparative Politics, Vol. 34, No. 4 (2002) (Also published as European University Institute Working Paper, RSC No. 2001/48 (2001).)

“European Union Enlargement: Power Distribution Implications of the New Arrangements”, coauthored with Fuad Aleskerov, Gamze Avcı and Viatcheslav Iakouba, European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 41, No. 3 (2002)

“Business, Globalization and Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Turkish Business Associations”, co-authored with Ziya Öniş, Turkish Studies, Vol. 2, No, 2 (2001)

“European Union Enlargement and Power Distribution in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament: The Case of the Turkish Application”, co-authored with Fuad Aleskerov and Gamze Avcı, New Perspectives on Turkey, Vol 21 (2000)

  • Miscellaneous Publications:

“Turkey”, co-authored with Dicle Kogacioglu, in The Encyclopedia of Law and Society:
American and Global Perspectives ed. David Clark, Sage Publications (2007)